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Soodie Beasley Appraisals LLC is an appraisal firm providing reports for estate planning, division and tax, non-cash charitable donation, insurance and collection management of fine and decorative art. Ms Beasley has experience in all aspects of appraisal valuation, and has served as an expert witness in litigation and an advisor to both private and public entities nationally and internationally. [see LOCATIONS] She works closely with experts of other disciplines across the country.

Independent with Global Experience.

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An appraisal is a legal document as important as a will. Prepare, educate and defend yourself with a written appraisal.

Trust making sound decisions based on the value of your property to an experienced, qualified appraiser who is compliant with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

The art market is rapidly changing, and very different than just a few short years ago. Know the true value of your property. Have your items appraised by experienced professionals.

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