Estate Tax, Probate & Gift Tax Appraisal

Appraisal reports are necessary for tax purposes and incredibly useful for distribution. When dealing with a taxable estate, an executor filing an estate tax return is required by the IRS to obtain an appraisal by a “qualified” appraiser of a collection of objects valued over $10,000, or for any individual item valued over $5,000. Fair market value appraisals are fully researched with relevant market comparables. All our appraisal reports meet IRS guidelines on Estate & Gift Taxes

Estate Planning Appraisal

It is advisable for clients to plan ahead for the distribution of assets in their estate. Good estate planning should reduce estate distribution related expenses, including taxes and tension among family members, and assure the desired transfer of assets to heirs. In order to develop the most effective estate planning, advisors need a complete accounting of net worth – one that includes tangible assets: fine and decorative arts.

Equitable Distribution Appraisal

Fair Market Value appraisals are provided for division of property in such cases as divorce, legacy matters, or to determine equal division of assets from a joint venture. This appraisal ensures the equitable distribution of the properties in dispute. We understand discretion, sensitivity, and efficiency is important during the inspection process.

Expert Witness Appraisal

Experience serving as a credible, assured, and qualified Expert Witness in the valuation of fine and decorative arts. Provided litigation support in the form of appraisal valuation reports, appraisal reviews (rebuttal reports), and verbal consultancy for attorneys — both plaintiff and defense — for cases of artist defamation (international case), bankruptcy, breach of duty, damage/loss, divorce, and theft in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and New York.

Research & Review

  • Assist in case studies by helping lawyers in evaluation
  • Review documents and depositions to identify testimony that should be further explored
  • Assess qualifications of other experts involved with the case
  • Review reports for USPAP compliance, professional methodology, 
and accuracy of value conclusion.

Written Appraisal

Prepare an independent, impartial and objective appraisal report in compliance with USPAP for the intended use of litigation.

Oral Appraisal

  • Prepare for and testify at a deposition or in court as a fact witness
  • Prepare for discovery or trial
  • Qualified to testify