Appraisal for Insurance Coverage

When it comes to fine art, furniture and antiques, avoid being over-insured or under-insured. The market is ever-changing. Do not assume a bill of sale for art or an antique is an accurate indicator of an item’s value. A report for insurance purposes can protect against loss in the event of damage, theft, flood, tornado or fire. Items are often damaged in storage and by moving companies; an appraisal report will protect property so you can receive proper compensation.

Each item is carefully measured, documented and photographed with particular attention given to condition. Each item is then extensively researched for replacement value in the most appropriate market, using recent sales comparables from galleries, retail shops, retail internet venues and private dealers. Because of the dynamic nature of the marketplace, appraisals should be re-evaluated every 5 years in order to protect your investments.

Appraisal for Damage & Loss

These appraisals include detailed documentation and photographs of damaged objects or property as a result of breakage, fire, and natural or other causes and the loss of value is concluded. Recommendations regarding restoration services or replacement are suggested when appropriate. A hypothetical appraisal can be provided for items stolen based upon photographs, receipts and other forms of documentation supplied by the client.

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Top 7 Things to Look for in an Appraiser

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