Our advisory services widely range. We work with individuals and families who need to downsize a home or liquidate an estate. With a background in the interior design industry, Beasley helps build a collection sourcing fine art, furniture, and decorative art from private dealers and auction houses.

Art Sale Estimation

Art sales estimations are based upon relevant recent sales of similar decorative and fine art in markets that are realistically available to the client. After you receive a thorough sales estimate, you will know how much you can get if you decide to sell your artwork through an auction house, consignment shops or on your own. These reports help you decide how to maximize the sale of your art.

Art Collection Liquidation

Liquidation of your art collection can be a complicated process. Should your attorney determine that an art appraisal of your items is required, we will provide you with fair and accurate valuations of the works of art in your possession.

Fine Art Research & Purchase Advisory

Advising clients when considering sale or purchase of fine art.
Informing clients the most appropriate art auction or art dealer markets in which to sell for the type of works. Sourcing the fiscally best venues in which to buy.

Fine Art Research and Valuation for Auction Houses and Art Galleries/Dealers.
Identify, describe and estimate prices for works. Identify and write auction catalogue descriptions.

Catalogue and Inventory Art Collections.
 Inventory, catalog, and itemize works of art. This service includes written descriptions and digital photography. We can tailor our services to your exact needs. [We provide this service with or without valuations of the itemized properties.]

Second Opinion Statements
. For those who want second opinions on the accuracy of existing art appraisals, this includes review of the most appropriate market context, value type used, and proper identification.

Verbal Consultations

  • Review tangible property to determine which items need to be considered for an art appraisal.
  • Recommend the most appropriate type of art appraisal.
  • Estate Planning, Downsizing and De-acquisition.
  • Assistance with pricing, in the event that you are selling your art work yourself.
  • Feasibility Analysis to determine economic benefits to keep, to sell or to donate your art.
  • We provide also provide a written inventory, which includes brief descriptions of the items, photographs and condition report without valuation for the following purposes:

    • Cataloging of collections
    • For shipping or moving
    • Documentation after a disaster
    • Estate planning or division purposes