Looking for a Fine Art or Antique Appraiser? Here is what to do…

Image: Tiffany Studios Wisteria Table Lamp, from: Sotheby’s December 18, 2013, lot 330.

We all have heard of the story of a painting purchased at a tag sale for less than the cost of a ham and cheese sandwich and then the buyer turns around and sells it at auction for the equivalent of a college tuition.

Although this story is not very common, it is important to understand the value of any item in the right marketplace. Whether you want to know an item’s value to sell, for insurance coverage, an estate valuation, charitable donation, or just to satisfy your curiosity, it is worth spending some time and money for peace of mind. Here is what you need to know :
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Why You Should Look at Your Collection as an Investment

Alfred Edward Emslie (1848–1918), Dinner at Haddo House (1884)

Using art as a commodity to purely buy in order to resell within a limited period of time for a profit is NEVER a good idea. It is a fast way to diminish the joy you receive from your belongings and a good way to get blacklisted from galleries. Buy what you want, what resonates with you. Buy things that mean something to you, buy for cultural content. And most certainly use and cherish them.

That said…
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